Our Departments

Our Departments

Director General's Office

The task of Director General's Office and the supervision of ways to communicate with the various regional and international organizations and mechanisms in coordination with the head of the National Search and Rescue Center in the competent state authorities. And falls within the Department of Government Communication Office of the Director General, who has tasks and functions related to the development of internal and external communication mechanism in accordance with the directives of the Director General, as well as creating a network and workshops arrived with various state and local agencies and work to develop them. The government also contact the organization and coordination of schedules Director General and administrative follow-up requests for center section.

Deputy Director General's Office

The Deputy Director-General's Office with the assistance of the Office of the Director-General in the management of the Center's activities and follow-up performance and implementation of the planned policy, and assist the Director General in the implementation of the Center's policy and plans in the scope of what entrusted with the functions and terms of reference and solve the Deputy Director General replaces the Director-General in his absence and would be responsible for and its Director-General may assign deputy general manager of direct supervision at the center of some departments. And it falls within the Deputy Director of Total Quality Management Office, which is based on a set of regulations and procedures to contribute to the improved performance and development and the application of strategic planning concepts and safety standards and the adoption of global best practices and models in the field of organizational excellence.

Operations Department

Assume operations management a lot of roles and responsibilities with the participation of the center departments in the overall strategy and program specialist position with respect to the operations management and the general budget, as well as monitor the overall situation and supervise the stages of search and rescue, necessary to provide search services and rescue and management of associated processes through medical and formats Operations Center in coordination with the bodies concerned with search and rescue.

It is also to follow up and monitor alerts and signals of distress and to ensure the operational performance of all receiving systems for devices distress components, working operations management coordination and communication with the local operations centers and national, regional and international to take the necessary measures to deal with the event and support the coordination of efforts and implementation of search and rescue plans in the country and abroad.

Support Services Department

The support services management to prepare an integrated action plan for the various management activities, and be consistent with the overall strategy so that holds the preparation of financial plans and annual budget, and to provide support and logistical support, in addition to providing e-services and maintain, and develop functional structure and motivate staff.

Training And Operations Planning Department

The planning of operations management and training planning, coordination and readiness to implement specialized programs of the departments and the general budget, which are summarized in the prevention and preparedness, planning, coordination, and management training measures Specialist and exercises inside and outside the country and take the necessary steps to implement them with the concerned authorities actions with commensurate the policies and procedures related to operations search and rescue.