Vision / Mission / Values

Vision / Mission / Values

Our Vision 2020

Setting an international role model for Search and Rescue in Operational Readiness and speed of response by utilizing the most updated resources, technology and communications available

Our Mission

To enhance and unify all search and rescue capabilities, communications and coordination of efforts in the maritime, land and air domains with UAE stakeholders, to establish a speed of response to the event within the UAE search and rescue region with maximum an hour (Golden Hour) in order to ensure the safety of life and to promote the achievement of the State in accordance with international search and rescue standards.

Our Values

  • The speed of response: Setting standards and potential guarantors to achieve the response speed the event within an hour (golden hour).  
  • Commitment: A sense of each individual at the center of responsibility and duty to save lives.  
  • Quality and excellence: Excellence and creativity at work and improved performance in accordance with international standards.  
  • Social Awareness: Interaction with the community in terms of spreading the culture of the search and rescue
  • Teamwork: Teamwork performance and Joint cooperation to achieve team goals.
  • Professional: Coordination and management of operations professional and high efficiency way.