Know your surroundings, know the environment, know your limits.

In order for your trip to be safe, enjoyable, and hassle free, you must take the following into consideration

List of items that you might need

  • First aid kit.
  • Toolbox of essential tools and a battery-powered flashlight.
  • Mobile phone with sufficient credit and a fully charged battery.
  • Enough food and sufficient quantity of water for drinking.
  • Whistle to identify the location at night.

Before starting

  • Check the wheels condition including the spare wheel.
  • Fill the tank with sufficient fuel for the complete trip.
  • Be sure to inform someone of your decision to go on a desert trip.
  • Do not travel alone in the desert, travel at least with an additional car.

Before entering the desert

  • Deflate the wheels (There is a certain scale for each car type, ensure the standard fits of your car).

In the desert

  • Appreciate and respect the Bedouins and wildlife.
  • Leave sufficient and safe distance between cars.
  • Stop the car at each slope to ensure a comfortable start.
  • If the wheels of the vehicle get stuck in the sand, do not panic, get out of the car and evaluate the situation.

Maritime safety

Always remember the following

  • Full tank of gas,
  • Full phone charge,
  • Vessel in good shape before going out to sea.
  • Let someone know where you are going if you are going into an unusual place.