Occupational safety

Occupational safety

Concept of Occupational Safety and Healthy

  • Maintain human health and safety
  • Provide a safe working environment free from the causes of accidents or occupational diseases
  • A set of rules and regulations within a certain framework to protect human and property from injury and damage.

Our Policy

The objective of this policy is to support the strategic objectives of the Centre by achieving institutional excellence in occupational health and safety management that meets the national standard of occupational safety and health management system (AE/SCNS/NCEMA 6000:2016)

Our Goal

Accidents rate 0%

UAE Occupational Health and Safety Management System AE/SCNS/NCEMA 6000:2016


To specifies the requirements for an organization to establish, implement and maintain an OHSMS to manage OHS risks to as low as reasonably practicable.

System Elements