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Remarkable success of National Search and Rescue Center (NARC) participation in 2017 Dubai Air Show

Visitors swarm into the Center's pavilion to learn about NSRC role in saving lives and watch (Aagusta West Land – 139) rescue aircraft.

Abu Dhabi, November 16th, 2017 – National Search and Rescue Center (NARC), affiliated to the Supreme Council for National Security, participated in the 15th version of Dubai Air Show held from November 12th – 16th, 2017 at Al Maktoum International Airport. The Center's pavilion attracted a large number of visitors who were keen to learn about the Center's role in saving lives throughout the UAE, and get acquainted with the most modern SAR equipment and technology, including (Aagusta West Land – 139) which was approached with great interest by the visitors to have an understanding of its capabilities in carrying out SAR operations.

The Center's pavilion team elaborated on the SAR land, sea and air operations in the UAE and how they are implemented.

Visitors were also introduced to the most important SAR equipment and tools. A team of rescuers and experts performed some training exercises to give visitors a realistic idea of how to carry out rescue operations. The team also introduced the Center's (Aagusta West Land – 139) rescue aircraft to the visitors. A detailed explanation of the "Golden Hour" concept was also given. That refers to the Center's ability to reach any spot in the UAE within one hour thanks to the around-the-clock operation and the large number of bases scattered around the UAE.

Stephen Toumajan, General Manager of NSRC said: "our participation in the latest version of 2017 Dubai Air Show was a good opportunity to promote the role played by the Center in responding to distress calls and saving lives, and learn about the most recent developments and equipment provided by international companies."

"National Search and Rescue Center is now responsible for all SAR-related tasks in the UAE. In exercising its mandate, the Center follows the highest international criteria in the industry which are in line with those of the International Civil Aviation Organization and the International Maritime Organization, in order to give assistance in SAR situations and save lives.", Toumajan added.

The National Search and Rescue Center (NSRC) was established by Decree Law No. (4) of 2013 under the umbrella and supervision of the Supreme Council for National Security. The Federal Decree Law was officially enacted to establish the Center in February 2014. The Center's mandate is to provide search and rescue services and advocate an international policy for the necessary procedures to execute and manage SAR operations. The Abu Dhabi-based Center is the first of its kind in the UAE, carrying out all SAR-related tasks in the UAE while abiding by the highest international criteria which are in line with those of the International Civil Aviation Organization and the International Maritime Organization.



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