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NSRC participates in Red Bull Air Race 2018

The National Search and Rescue Center (NSRC), an affiliate of the UAE Supreme Council for National Security, participated in the Red Bull Air Race organized on Abu Dhabi Corniche on February, the 3rd, 2018. An introductory show on how SAR operations are carried out–was given by a specialized team from NSRC before the audience who attended to watch the race. The audience expressed admiration for the outstanding level of the crew.

Commenting on this distinguished event, H.H. Stephen Tomajan; Director General of the National Search and Rescue Center, commended SAR crew’s capabilities and skills, and stressed that this show aimed at introducing NSRC’s role to the community. Tomajan also stressed NSRC constant readiness to serve UAE nationals and residents and respond to their distress calls from any spot in the UAE.

Tomajan added that the event was a good opportunity to educate the public on the role of SAR activities in the UAE, and also on the humanitarian work performed by the NSRC to help others and save lives, which, Tomajan concluded, is consistent with the UAE national priorities on top of which comes the safety and security of nationals and residents.

The show was carried out using the Center's SAR aircraft ‘Agusta Westland - 139’, which is equipped with the latest equipment and techniques used in SAR operations. These include night vision devices that enhance visibility in fog and severe weather conditions including rain and hurricanes, communication boosters, especially designed advanced flight systems, and a lift especially made for land and sea rescue operations. Agusta Westland -139 is also capable of carrying more than one causality at a time.

Agusta Westland -139 takes off in no more than 15 minutes (in daytime) and 30 minutes (in nighttime) from receipt of the distress call, with a cruising speed of more than 120 knots. The helicopter is capable of reaching any spot in the UAE from its widely spread bases within one hour (the Golden Hour).

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